Easy On Sock Aid


Unique Easy On – Easy Off Sock Aid

The Easy On-Easy Off Sock Aid has been invented, patented and manufactured exclusively by us for you, for your comfort and a sense of control. Having carefully considered your personal wishes and needs, we are in a privileged position to help you make your everyday life more satisfactory while retaining your independence.

These innovative sock assist aids have a wide range of potential applications for people with various mobility related issues. They are suitable for putting on and off all types of socks, including nylons and special compression stockings for varicose veins.

These products will find their use especially among people with spine, back, hip, knee or joint problems, patients after injury, people suffering from excess weight, pregnant women, as well as the elderly.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to pull on and off your socks with the use of our Easy On-Easy Off Sock Aid, completely without any assistance and the need to bend down.



The Easy On Sock Aid is protected!


The Easy On Sock Aid is protected by the Czech Patent Office. Only original products come with a warranty and consultancy support. For more information, please email us at







Head Physician Radek Bauer, M.D., Physical Therapist, Brno


The Easy On-Easy Off Sock Aid is a simple and practical dressing aid designed to make life easier for anyone with a limited range of motion in all age groups.

It is equally useful for elderly people suffering from chronic articular diseases as well as younger patients recovering from injury or intervertebral disc surgery, for example. These dressing aids can be used with any diagnosis and without any restrictions.



Best Product Award



Our products have been awarded a gold medal at the International IENA Trade Fair in Nuremberg for outstanding performance in the “Idea of the Year” category and a certificate which can be viewed here.

Foreign media were also highly complimentary about our products in their coverage of the IENA Trade Fair in Germany.




Easy On Sock Aid 

With its user-friendly handling, the Easy On Sock Aid will help its users regain their true sense of independence and view the product as a reliable travel companion.

As its inventor and regular user I know exactly what I am saying. It puts me in the best position to share with you my own experience as well as that of numerous satisfied customers.

The product is light-weight, easy to disassemble and compact, always available to offer its services.



Možnost objednání samostatného vyzouváku


Easy Off Sock Aid  

The Easy Off Sock Aid has been designed and manufactured to complement the Easy On Sock Aid for maximum comfort of self service, enabling full self-sufficiency in removing your socks and handling the Easy On Sock Aid.

The ingenuity and ease with which the removed sock is brought up to your hand will be a pleasant surprise to everyone.

The aid is made of a durable material – polypropylene PP.